Nexus 4 Android 4.3 benchmarks detail performance benefits

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For all the rumors about Android 4.3, the leaks that have surfaced in recent weeks, and the hope that it’s nearly about to go official, it’s been difficult at times to get particularly excited about this release. Maybe it’s because so many of us are still thinking about Key Lime Pie and Android 5.0, or because the feature set we know of for Android 4.3 – things like enhanced Bluetooth support and some updated Google apps – aren’t the most attractive. Well, here’s at least one reason to be anxious for Android 4.3 updates to finally arrive: evidence of faster phone performance.
We know, synthetic benchmarks are arguably only useful for telling how good a phone is… at running synthetic benchmarks – but this at least gives us some early insight into what to expect. These tests were done on a Nexus 4, both running stock and the newly leaked 4.3 firmware.
Now, it’s not an across-the-board win for 4.3; the CFBench – native trial, for instance, gave 4.2.2 a small lead, but we see more significant improvements in other tests, With 4.3′s improvements ranging from 7% to 20% over 4.2.2.
Sure, real world results will vary, and we don’t expect every device that sees updates to show the same improvements demonstrated here on a Nexus 4, but even a modest performance bump would be a nice treat.

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